Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who Moved my CHEESE??

so I finished reading this book called "WHO MOVED MY CHEESE" about two mice, and 2 little people, and what happened when their source of food (CHEESE) was no longer there. The book is one of those managment books on dealing with CHANGE in organizations, community, relationships and so on....

MEN it was a GOOD READ. I kept thinking to myself, how I was like the character HAW, so this character even though he witnesses that things around him are no longer the same, he contines because his buddy "HEM" does not want to change. When CHANGE occured in their lives, this is what HEM says:

"Oh WHY ME?" "wHAT DID I do to deserve this" "Its NOT FAIR" "Maybe if I remain the same, things will return to normal"

While HAW'S response was: "I know this change is hard but I believe that if I go along with it, things will get easier", "My old mindset does not fit into my new circumstances"

at the end of the book, ur left contemplating the times in your life when u acted like HEM or HAW.

Anyways, this book got me thinkin about this new phase of my life. About the changes around me, as well as within me, I started thinkin about my future. Its funny since I've been in Nigeria I've found that I've been forced to examine my life, forced to drop all da bullshit that used to be around me, forced to be BRUTALLY HONEST WITH MYSELF, having to stand up to people that I feel are in my way and finally having the guts to take more risk.

Take for instance:

CAREER- I've come to realize that I can't be shy about stating what I WANT, I mean if I don't tell myself my goals everyday I will not even be on my way towards them, and the funny thing is that AFFIRMATIONS WORK, everyday I randomly "bum" into people that help me reach my goal, it is amazing.

RELATIONSHIP- Well, I need to blog about my views on marriage later, (lol) but in the mean time, I don't know whether its the constant reminder that I am "OLD and RIPE for marriage" or what, but its like I cherish my time, meaning like in the past when I would just talk to people for "talking" sakes, now I think to myself, "Uche wat do u gain(not speakin about material things) from associating with this person". And one thing I keep reminding myself is this "I am first and foremost RESPONSIBLE for me" (might sound selfish) but I don't remember being put on this earth to be someone else's biatch. But with dat said, I have also learned when to take dat risk of extending myself for someone I believe its worth it.

FRIENDSHIPS- Thank GOD I am gettin older seriously!! when I was younger I had this problem of always trying to please people, I don't know if it was my insecurities but I would always put myself in harms way just so that other people will like me. But now its like "bitch please" its either u like me or not, its not by force, I mean really. LOL. bt no, a situation came up when a friend invited me out somewhere, I was really knackered and told her I couldn't make it, and then this hefa threw a fit? confused am too tired to go out with u while u whore urself and am da BAD PERSON?? anyways, needless to say, I have not returned dat call. I went to a women empowerment conference in Lagos, and the guest speaker said something that still strikes a cord with me, she said: "Both successful and unsuccessful people have 24HRS in their day, the difference between the two, is how they spend their time, in general people tend to use 80% of their time on unproductive things".....WOW..SO TRUE. So my friends, I just do me, its easier and more efficient :)

Overall, since being home I've been content with the CHANGE, yes it gets harder sometimes(I still miss starbucks, lol) but I just remind myself that those times are opportunities for GROWTH.

anyways am off to bed, am TIRED!!!

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