Sunday, November 16, 2008

Easy like Sunday Morning.

Is sunday your favorite day? well sundays are mine, why is it really soooo eassyyyy and stressfree, up until the evenings though. lol.

Anyways, I was having one of those beautiful, easy, sunny, stressfree sundays and decided to share.

Well its officially been 2 months and half (wow the days fly by FAST) since I relocated to Nigeria and I have developed some routines, I guess, since I have been back. I work from Mon. to Fridays and sometimes saturdays, so Sundays are very very special for me.

Anyways my sundays start out with Mass (do I have a choice?), followed by lunch of fried rice, salad and chicken, a 1hr nap. a MANDATORY browsing of THIS DAY STYLE (luv it) and then entertaining guest till 6/7, followed by preparation for the rest of the week or watever. I don't think am anti-social, but every once in a while a gurl loves her own peace and quiet, so I hate it when people drop by unannounced.

Speaking of THIS DAY STYLE, that happens to be my favorite read since I've gotten quite tired of all the B.S glossy Mags out there. I remember when OVATION used to be the -ISH- now there's TRUE LOVE, GENEVIEVE, GEM, SOUNDCITY BLAST, and wat not. It gets soo tiring and boring after a while..Always the same THING!!

One Magazine that I particularly DETEST is DYNAMIX, it is supposed to be this Mag for "Campus" students, but it is just TRASH, TRASH, TRASH, all u see is tacky People throwing Tacky parties, full of gurls that wear nothing but BOOB REVEALING OUTFITS...and speaking of BOOBS, when did "CLEAVAGE" become a NAIJA STANDARD for WOMEN.

Like for real every women in every occasion is always EXPOSING her BREAST, even in CHURCH!! it is sooo annoying, I mean I used to be a big fan of the "MEAGAN GOOD" boob-reveal, now I just hate it, its sooo CLASSLESS and has now become my #1 pet peeve.

Speakin of Pet Peeves, I want to ask what it means to be a Naija celeb. Like I understand Movie stars, singers and soccer stars constitute as one, but what about all these other randoms? Like one thing I've noticed is these up and coming so-called actresses that are prob. featured in 5 movies(in Nollywood, 5 movies is an equivalent of an extra on a sitcom in Hollywood) or something and get splashed on VANGUARD, MIRROR, THISDAY or some other newspaper talking about what they Like in BED, in an attempt to extend their 15 SECONDS of fame. Better yet what is up with every GURL in Town claiming to be a MO-DELL (not Model ohhhhh). Every gurl with any professional picture claims to be ONE (but then again there is no difference between them and those HEFAS in the south, MUSIC VIDEO VIXEN wannabes..blah, blah, blah). Not just MO-DELL's every gurl is also a Beauty pagent, and speaking of (I know..enough with, but speaking of pagent, there is ONE like EVERY DAY, MISS PRECISION, MISS ORELEKA, MISS VALENTINE, MISS BEAUTY, MISS FINE GURL, MISS SOUTH, MISS NORTH, MISS UNIVERSITY, MISS THIS M MISS THAT...HABA HOW MUCH IS TOOO MUCH!

but then again I shouldn't be spkin since I Co-hosted one, but to my defence it was a UN owned pagent so I guess it does not count. Anyways, ENOUGH WITH THE BEAUTY PAGENTS!!!

So, since I hate reading glossy magas, my favorite thing to do is to read the "DEAR REBECCA" sections of the newspapers. This SECTION is the funniest thing EVER!!!! there is no kind of question that people don't ask. You have the people that want to change their husbands "MAN" part, you have the mistresses (wats new) that want the man to marry them, you have the my "WHO-HA" smells funny, and my all time favorite "I met a guy with 7 kids, from different mothers, who is 45 and am 20 and he's nice and says he loves me (this is after 2 hrs of meeting ohhh) WHAT SHOULD I DO? LMAO..

really when u read this things, u discover that u can't look to the average nigerian for a clue into the problems of the country, really, I mean so many people are focused on their own bullshit that the don't see the opportunities that is overflowing in this country. Somehow, only the oyibo people see it, but that's another story.

ANYWAYS, one of things I love about being back home is having a personal TAILOR!!! I love how cheap and affordable it is to recreate one's CLOSET they way you like without ever buying anything other than FABRICS. I mean there is this gurl at work that only wears work outfit made of ANKARA and she always LOOKS AMAZING, I ENVY HER CLOSET!! Lookin at her, I just want to burn my "WESTERN" PANT and SUIT. I have to take a pic of one of her outfits and post it on here.

Anyways, My fingers are tired of typing, I don't even think I wrote anything meaningful, LOL but ya.

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