Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Single in the CITY: the Beginning

So its been forever since I've been single...and now that I am I don't even know what to do. Being home is the last place where I want to be single, not that there are no eligible dudes (em...we'll get back to dat) but its always SOMETHING.

I mean first, we live in a chavinistic (spelling?) society where the man is always right, and that does not sit well with me. I mean I found myself getting in some ridiculous arguments at work over crzy sexist comments. and 2) everyone finds it odd when ur single. Like I remember when my uncle asked me, and I told him I didn't have a BF, he went on about how I was lying and trying to cover something up, blah, blah, blah.
3) There is no dating in this country, well for some there is, but for me, I don't know how to explain to my padre that I am having dinner with a guy, or a guy is coming to pick me up, bottomline is they don't want to know that men and women date, they just want to believe that they meet and discuss their wedding plans. So I'll now have to start sneaking around, which after a while just gets old and annoying and stressful.
4) There is no dating, because once you're seen talking to Guy A. you are automatically expected to see that relationship to the altar, or else u switching from A to B, makes u seem loose? (such bullshit).

Anyways how this unneccessary wahala just makes me not want to even talk or meet anyone, the whole thing is just tricky.

Speaking of do u even begin? I mean with so many desperate chicks out here (these gurls are on dat marriage grind HARDDDD boiiii!!!) how do u stand out as a normal "am- not-thinking- about- marriage -but -I -kinda- have- to- since -I -live -with- my- parents" gurl, better yet, whats your motivation to date when most (not all) of this dudes are probably talkin to someone else. I once heard of this gurl that was dating this guy for like a year, and then later found out he had a wife and 2kids in england...that shyt freaked me out!! (that and many other crzy dating stories).

To be honest with u, the whole thing is just arranged marriage when am 30 is beginning to look good right about now ;)

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