Thursday, January 15, 2009

BACK TO BL.......................OG

So its been like 5months since I have been in Nigeria and sadly to say, I have become one of “those” Nigerians. I didn’t even know I was doing it, it took my lil sis asking why am always so “negative” for me to realize that all this “polluted” air has gotten into me. O.M.G I have become a bitchy NIGERIA.
I guess somewhere between my job and NYSC I sold my happy soul to the devil, em….actually NYSC stole my soul, lol. Anyways I will gist about NYSC when I have the energy to write a short story.

Nigeria is a jungle, you can’t be civilized and get anything done. A friend advised me once to just relax and let it get to me, you know, let all the bullshit in so that one day I can just erupt like a volcano and RELEASE EVERYTHING. Which I am still working on, I think my bullshit tank is not yet full so I still have a couple of days, maybe weeks or month left before I finally ERUPT. I don’t understand why people are so INCOMPTENT, I mean for instance take my situation with my driver. He’s a driver, my driver he has to drive me places, yet when I say “nedu take me to silverbird” he actually has the audacity to tell me DAT IT WILL BE TOO STRESSFUL ON HIM since he’s tired, wat f**king sense does dat make, n*gga do I CARE? UR JOB IS TOOOOO DRIVE. After he and da rest of this incompetents will tell u dat “oh there is no money, things are hard, our leaders are corrupt, blah, blah, blah. But……………BREAKIN NEWS: “most Nigerians DON’T WANT TO WORK!!!. They rather go to church and ask God for money to POUR on them.

Even at work, some of my co-workers just sit there and don’t do jack, unless da boss is coming, like when I say they don’t do jack, I mean THEY DON’T DO JACK, they rather sit around and engage in Nigeria’s favorite pastime: GOSSIP.

Anyways, lemme stop before I raise my blood temperature thinking about dat driver.

So xmas ’08 should have been themed “when will I get married”

To be Cont…..

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