Thursday, October 2, 2008

The END of "US"

So after a year or so, my intense relationship with my bestest BF is over.

Funny thing is am finally at peace with myself. I think that being in a shitty relationship is the worst thing two SANE individuals can do for themselves. Its so funny, two equally intelligent people can come into a relationship and behave like psychotic devils, all in the name of relationship. While others would blame the people involved, I blame the situation itself.
The funny thing though is that, just like the real casualties of death are those affected, the real casualties of a broken relationship are those that knew the couple. Those that u (person involved in the relationship) try to avoid at all cost, because seeing them reminds u of the life that was.
The are the ones affected because they'll forever travel with the "ghost" of the broken relationship, feeling awkard when the see Mr. A with Mrs. D instead of Mrs. B. They are the casualties because they stand in that grey area, not knowing if to praise the "newly" seperated Mrs. B or buy her a box of chocolates and kleenex to CRY with her. They are the casualties because they don't know how they feel about the -EX-, I mean he/she is undeniably the ENEMY now because he or she is now a "half" instead of a "Whole".

Its funny, I thought that when me and My bestest BF (if we did) brokeup I would be shattered, devasted and probably become GAY, but I guess I've become more mature than I used to be because for the first time, I am not upset, not unhappy, not angry after a breakup; especially one that lasted a yr+. I guess the reason is that as much as I loved the other person, our being together often brought out the worst in the other person more times than it should have. Its HARD to love another person, when you HATE the person you've become.

I also guess I've become more mature, because instead of becoming pessimistic about my love life, I am now more OPTIMISTIC, I now know that there is someone out there for me and this whole time I was holding on to another woman's IDEAL MAN.

I hope "he" and I can still be friends, but chances are that it is improbable. Not because we're angry or bitter with each other, but because we've OUTGROWN the versions of ourselves we ONCE knew.

so note to my future "HUBBY": AM READY!!! lol

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Anonymous said...

Wow. It's Namuteche. I enjoyed that a lot. Is this blog supposed to be private?? lol. I ummm got it from Chinwe's wall.